Wednesday, August 29, 2018

In Search of Tenkara

Click PLAY and enjoy two minutes and 48 seconds of streamside sketching and tenkara fishing with artist and designer Jeremy Shellhorn.

Visit the Tenkara USA website to check out their line up of gear and resources on all things tenkara.  Subscribe to the Tenkara USA YouTube page for instruction, how-to, fly tying and more on the experience of fishing with the tenkara method.


Unknown said...

Fancy cane pole fishing,,Jesus!

Unknown said...

Does anyone see this? Used to do the same thing as a kid with a cane pole,string or length of mono, and a spinner. Switch the spinner out for a fly and what do you have?

Unknown said...

Give it time FOLKS,someonne Will try to sell you a thousand dollar Tenkara pole

Jon Cagle said...

Frankly, Frank, the only thing worse than a close-minded tenkara snob is a close-minded anti tankera snob

Unknown said...

Figured I'd catch some flak,just wondering why it took so long.
Listen ,fish any way you want,just don't try to sell it as the next great new thing. There is nothing new about itJon.High tech cane pole fishing is what it is with expensive,specialized stuff to go with it. Just my opinion.
But if Tenkara makes you happy go for it, my opinion
upsets you, change the channel.