Friday, August 24, 2018

Mail Day Surpirse & Sam's One Bug

One of the downsides of mobile phones being so damn camera capable these days is that I end up taking photographs of something and then apt to forget about it since they don't show up the next time I download the media card from my Nikon. 

The other day I was thumbing through the photo album on my iPhone and came across a set of photographs that I took of a package that Wade Blevins, fly tier and artist, sent with a dozen flies fashioned after his father's warmwater favorite, the Sam's One Bug earlier in the spring.

Prior to this box arriving, Wade and I had traded messages on Instagram and there is a really interesting story to tell about the Sam's One Bug fly pattern that I hope will happen in the future, either on T.F.M. or elsewhere.  In the meantime, take a look a look at the detail in Wade's shipping box sketch which includes the smallmouth eye reflection of the Comrade logo. 

Wade Blevins is low drag without a website to care after but he's a good follow on Instagram to keep up with the latest flies from his vise and sketches.


Sam's One Bug said...

Thanks man! Working on getting some things lined up soon. Hopefully we can catch up one day and fill in the blanks as well as take a little time off for bronze on glass.
Wade B.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Wade... That would be great. We aren't too far away from each other.