Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Flipping the Switch Back On

So things have been kinda quiet around here for the past couple weeks besides an occasional posting on social media and there is a reason for that.  I was in Italy with my wife on a long time planned trip where I ended up having way less internet than I expected.  Not that the lack of Wi-Fi was a bad thing at all.  The break was actually quite nice.  Ten days of seeing so much in Italy was really made better without any worry about whether or not T.F.M. was updated or not.  In ten years of writing this website, I don't think I've taken a hiatus like this before. 

We weren't totally disconnected from reality.  We had enough signal to stay in touch with home, answered a few work emails and having the access to GPS and a map on our mobile phones proved invaluable as we drove from place to place and walked the many alleyways in towns and cities throughout Italy.  We were completely blown away by every part of Italy that we saw and already planning a return.

We're home again and playing catch up with a busy fall schedule ahead of us.  The T.F.M. light switch has been flipped back on and I've got a ton of stellar content in the hopper with hopefully a few more trips in the mix as well before the year ends.

I came back from this trip to find a slip of paper in my mailbox at work telling me that I have 90 hours of vacation that I need to use before the year ends.  It kind of has me scheming of where and when I can get away for a few days on the water.  No reason to just lose those hours, right?

Thanks for the patience if you've checked in and found the same posts from a couple of weeks ago staring back at you.  Things should stay fresh from here on out. 


Ken Thomas said...

Great minds think alike. My wife and I were just there for three weeks.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Ken... Where all did you travel?