Thursday, October 11, 2018

LOON OUTDOORS - The Perpetrator

Loon Outdoors knows that it's time to top off the steelhead fly boxes and the Perpetrator is a solid choice to make sure that you have a few of. 

Here's what you'll need to tie the Perpetrator at your own vise.

Hook Tiemco 9395 - Size 6
Bead 3/16th
Trailer Gamakatsu C14S - Size 4
Wire Senyo Intruder Wire Small
Body Ice Dub and Mercer's Buggy Nymph
Collar Mallard and Guinea
Dubbing Collar Ice Dub

Press PLAY  for the tutorial...

Visit the Loon Outdoors for all your Fly Tying Tools needs and take a deep dive onto the Loon Live and Fly Tying video pages for a library full of tying tutorials.

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