Friday, October 26, 2018

RECUR OUTDOORS - Become An Owner

I've been following along with Postfly from day one and have been really impressed by the hustle of Brian Runnals.  At a time when several monthly fly box subscriptions all popped up on the scene, Postfly quickly set themselves apart from the pack by being steps ahead in the quality of what was being offered in each subscription and finished it all off with really sharp aesthetics in the branding.  Brian's next goal was to take on fly rods with The Wade Rod Co. and the soon to spawn Pelican Reels.  Add to the mix Guide Hire with a future re-launch and there is just a lot going on that they are now calling Recur Outdoors.      

With the unveiling of Recur Outdoors comes the chance to buy in and be a part of it now and in the future.   The kick off on Wefunder went live a few days ago and there are now approaching 140 investors signed on so far.

Take a few minutes to visit the Recur Outdoors website and then read through the Wefunder page as there is a ton of information on this unique investment offering.   

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