Thursday, December 6, 2018


Five years before I ever thought of doing The Fiberglass Manifesto, there was Midcurrent.  Around since 2003, Midcurrent is still going as strong as ever with top tier content and as of this week, Marshall Cutchin has re-launched the website with a brand new logo and layout.  15 years is a long time doing anything and Midcurrent has always been the vanguard of what a fly fishing website should be.   

There are a handful of people who have always been extremely helpful within the digital publishing side of fly fishing and Marshall Cutchin has not only been a great example to follow with what he's done with his piece of the internet but he has always been responsive to questions on how best to get things done.  I always really appreciate that.

Treat yourself and take a few minutes today to check out the new Midcurrent.

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