Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Turning the Page

Last night around 11 o'clock I went down to the pond house to catch the tail end of the family celebration to bring in the New Year.  I've had a head cold for the past few days and decided to sit it out in favor of showing up late.  It's been so warm that there wasn't a bonfire like usual.  The kids cousins were running around in the dark playing.  One of my wife's uncles caught several catfish on sunk pieces of hotdog cast out from the dock.  Adults stood around talking with drinks in hand waiting for midnight to turn the page.  This annual gathering of family is always a good time even if I didn't feel quite up to it and the surprisingly huge fireworks popping off over the water topped off the night.  Hello, 2019.

I typically don't spend a lot of time locking back at a year ending as I'd rather look forward to what's coming instead.  This past year had a few hangups (like almost constant bad weather on fly fishing trips) and disappointments (um, swimming my Nikon DSLR to name one) but those experiences were largely outweighed by the positive (family, Italy with my wife, children who continue to excel at so much, work accomplishments, etc.).  I didn't always have the time that I wanted to spend on The Fiberglass Manifesto and I had to put into perspective and prioritize what was most important day to day.  T.F.M. didn't always win when I needed to do that. 

What's in store for 2019?  I've got a lot of (what I think is) great content in the hopper that I really want to work through in the coming weeks.  I had hoped to get through it all before the New Year began but oh well.  I'll get through it when I can. 

I'm sure that there will be a few surprises but I'm already planning out the year's travel with Louisiana in a couple of weeks, Belize to check out a friend's new venture in Hopkins, an extended family cruise to the Bahamas (complete with matching t-shirts...), Michigan at least once for Beaver Island but maybe several times more, Florida for work conference and additional hijinks, hopefully somewhere for spring break, Wisconsin for a church youth camporee, maybe Montana in late summer with a couple buddies and of course local runs to western North Carolina and the Lowcountry.  We'll be on the go for sure.

From the fiberglass angle of things, there are some exciting things in the works from multiple builders and companies that I hope to share through the year.  I have a few new fly rods sitting beside my desk that I get out on the water to mess around with as well.

It's long overdue but it's time for an updated Predictions, Rumors and Pipe Dreams article.  Completing the Glass Destinations and T.F.M. Gear Reviews pages needs some work too.  It's all on the "To Do" list along with incorporating more video and photography into the website and social media pages.  Maybe video unboxing or short fly rod or gear reviews.  Enter old dog, new tricks.

It's been brewing for several years now but I have a real interest in learning the ins and outs of hunting which means investing in a whole new knowledge base and of course, a few choice gear expenditures.  Podcasts, books, websites, maps and friends will all be a help in making this happen.    

Well, that's enough to start things off.   Here's to the New Year.  Cheers...

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Mike Sepelak said...

Fiberglass shotguns?

Happy New Years, buddy.