Wednesday, February 27, 2019

COSTA - Supporting Guides in Need

For the past several years, anytime I know that I'll be heading down to Belize or Mexico, I start putting together a short list of items to take along to gift to the guides while there.  Everything from fly boxes to leaders and tippet to flies to ball caps to sun masks and shirts typically make the stack.  These things may seem easy to get where you're from but can be near impossible but definitely needed where I'm going. 

On the past several trips to Belize I had been given a heads up that both veteran and junior guides were in need of new polarized sunglasses.  Polarized sunglasses seems like a given for a guide on the flats but I've seen several times where these guides were trying to make due to old scratched up sunglasses (sometimes not even polarized) or on last week's trip, an up and coming junior guide wasn't wearing sunglasses at all.  That's certainly no way to start a career on the flats and over taxing your eyes from the start (or risk taking a fly in the eye from an errant cast) is just bad news.

On the past several trips I've been able to reach out to Costa through a media contact (and friend) who has been very gracious each time in sending multiple pairs of polarized sunglasses to gift to the guides while on the trip.  This has been huge for the guides who I've spent time in their pangas and they rely on their vision every moment that they are on the water.

I've always been a believer in the 580 glass lenses in both Green Mirror and Sunrise Silver Mirror and these two continue to be the first choice of guides that I've fished with as well.

Thank you Costa for the support and please know that your generosity has been much appreciated.  These sunglasses were a huge help for both veteran guides in keeping their sharp eyes and junior guides who are following in the footsteps of their mentors and teachers.

Need a new pair of sunglasses?  Consider Costa and besides their support of guides in need, take a few minutes to see all the different ways that they are protecting our waters through design, materials, conservation, relief and research.

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