Wednesday, April 3, 2019

PANFISH ON THE FLY - How to Tie the Triangle Bug

I have a real soft spot for panfish on the fly (and in the frying pan) and longtime readers might remember the #yearofthebluegill push from several years ago.  Actually that yearlong celebration of all things bluegill was 2013 for anyone that is scratching their head and wondering.  Seems like yesterday.  Or at least the day before yesterday...

Over the winter, Bart Lombardo launched the Panfish on the Fly website and almost daily he is updating and tweaking it to cover the bases on all things warmwater from fish family descriptions, fly patterns and of course a shop with flies, materials and full out kits to tie our own.

One of Bart's own patterns is the Triangle Bug and there are detailed instructions on the Panfish on the Fly website to walk you through step by step on how to tie this effective and tasty looking topwater fly.

Visit the Panfish on the Fly website for the full Triangle Bug Tutorial and take a look at the Triangle Bug Fly Tying Kit which gives you everything you need to tie up 25 of your own.

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Bart Lombardo said...

It’s time to bring#yearofthebluegill back to life!