Saturday, April 13, 2019

THE MIDWEST DRIFT - 6 Flies for Spring Bass

It's really feeling like spring around here with warmer days, the dogwoods in full bloom, The Masters going on just up the road in Augusta and our lawn has already gotten a haircut twice so far.  I'm ready to focus on all the different warmwater species that are around us from the family pond to the river and all the little creeks and secret spots in between.

This week I was thinking that it would be neat to tap the shoulders of a handful of custom fly tiers around the country to see what fly patterns they are using to pursue bass, bluegill, smallies, crappie, hybrids, stipers, white bass and anything else that falls under the bass and panfish flag this spring.

First up is Luke Langton of The Midwest Drift.  I've been following Luke on Instagram for years and have quite a few of his patterns in my bass boxes.  A six pack of the Starlight Leeches arrived in the mail box the other day and I can't wait to get them wet.

If you poke around his website and Instagram, you'll quickly realize that Luke focuses a lot of time on bass, smallmouth, white and hybrid bass on his local waters with great results.  These are his favorite spring bass patterns.

This leech, in a couple different color variations, is one of my go to flies in the spring for largemouth bass.  This fly is tied hook point up allowing you to fish it slow on the bottom minimizing snags. Simple fly that the bass love.

The Deadbeat Dad is one of my patterns that mimics a crawdad.  In the spring I like to fish it along rocky banks and points and this fly does well on both largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Another simple fish catcher.  I’m a huge fan of the temperate bass and this fly is a great fly for the white bass and smaller hybrids.

This simple bunny leech/sculpin pattern rides hook point again allowing you to slow roll along the bottom and in the lakes and ponds in could easily be mistaken for a tadpole.

This baitfish is another great pattern for hybrids that are cruising for shad.  This fly has several wraps of lead but still most effective fished on a sink tip.

This Game Changer variation is very effective on the Hybrids tied unweighted and fished on a sink tip.

Check out The Midwest Drift website and be sure to follow along on Instagram too.  Slide into his DM's to order up a custom dozen or two.

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