Tuesday, May 21, 2019

DOWN THE PATH - The Disappearance of Ronald Scheepstra

Do you remember the story of Ronald Scheepstra?  Ten years ago he disappeared while on a fly fishing trip with friends in Xcalak, Mexico and writer Will Rice is deep diving into the mystery of this incident with a multi-episode podcast series called "Down the Path".

Word of warning, this isn't a podcast you can just have mindlessly playing in the background.  It deserves attention.  Play when you can listen and get fully wrapped up in this story.

Along with the podcast (Episode 2 should be released this week), Will Rice has also wrutteb an article on The Flyfish Journal website which tells the story  and discusses the possible theories of Ron's disappearance.  It's well worth a read and you'll still be eager for the podcast as well.

Over the weekend, Will Rice called into the Tailer Trash Fly Fishing Podcast and was interviewed at length about this story.  It's worth a listen HERE.

You can listen to "Down the Path" on the website, Stitcher or subscribe on iTunes.

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