Monday, July 29, 2019

Away from the Spotlight: Gone fishing

Summers during several of my late teen years were spent working at a Christian summer camp outside of Grayling and across the street from the Au Sable River.  I learned how to fly fish up there and I totally get where Kimberlie Yuhas is coming from with dropping everything in her life and moving up there to stay. 

Hell, I'm running up on 45, have a wife and two children (along with a shitload of responsibilities) and I still think about doing it.  That huge swath of Michigan will always be special to me.

If you haven't spent any time in northern Michigan, you owe yourself a trip.  Pick your favorite mayfly hatch (mousing can be good too) and stay a few days. There's more water than you'll ever get to up there. 

Follow along with the latest on the Gates Au Sable Lodge website.  Their newsletter and Facebook are good ways to keep up with what is going on around there.

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