Wednesday, August 28, 2019

SWIFT FLY FISHING - Epic Ready To Wrap Kits Sale

This popped up on my radar this morning and I wanted to pass it along to those who have been considering a Swift Fly Fishing Epic Ready to Wrap Kit that NOW(!!!) is the time to pull the trigger.

I'm waiting to hear back from Carl at Swift Fly Fishing on when this sale will end, but in the meantime, order away.  I'll update the post when I have an end date.

Take a look at the "Special Offer" Epic Ready to Wrap Kits and get your order in today.

No one would fault you if you bought a couple...

P.S.  Special offer pricing is good through September 5, 2019.

1 comment:

grant.meeker said...

Buy a couple?! You're actually the devil. But seriously. Do it. Now. Treat yo self. And you get an extra 10% on top of this with the code "Epic 10" or you could use my code if you want - it gets me free swag. In fact, do that. Email me for it.