Wednesday, September 18, 2019

THE DRAKECAST - Dorian's Wake

There certainly has been a lot of talk online about the Bahamas and the hit that several of the island communities took from Hurricane Dorian.  The effects of this storm are still only just being understood and there is a huge effort within the fly fishing community to provide funds to those in need with various auctions and promotions and fly tiers continue to fuel #DozenForDorian with Instagram auctions of flies which have raised close to $30,000 so far.

Elliot from The DrakeCast took some time last week to speak on this tragedy and his conversation with Rob Neher of East End Lodge brings a first hand account of how donations and funds are being used to bring support to those in need while also highlighting the tremendous impact of this storm.

Give this podcast a listen and consider making a donation, toss a bid down on a few dozen flies and keep refreshing stories like this on your news feed as media will soon move on to the next story while the rebuilding of the affected areas in the Bahamas are years in the making.


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