Sunday, September 29, 2019

V-STICK CUSTOM FLYRODS - Blue Halo Zenglass S-2 Build

I mentioned the other day that Blue Halo has recently introduced a new series of heavy line weight Zenglass S-2 fiberglass blanks (built fly rods coming soon) and Renato Vitalini gave the eleven weight blank the V-Stick Custom Flyrods treatment in ways that only he can.

This build is way more stunning than I'd likely want a fly rod that was going to be continually abused with possible lead eyes flies crashing into it and the strain of fish that can actually bend an eleven weight but still impressive to see Renato's vision and skill set at work.

Check out the V-Stick Custom Flyrods website to see more of Renato's work and follow along on Facebook and Instagram for the latest shop news.

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