Friday, January 24, 2020

MB CUSTOM RODS - Coffee Time in the Workshop

Social media is always a great way to keep up with custom fly rod builders and the ability to follow along with hashtags, like #glassisnotdead (over 59,000 images and counting), on Instagram pops a lot of things onto my feed that I might otherwise miss. 

One of the recent fly rod builds from Marc Beissler of MB Custom Rods came across my Facebook timeline this week and I like it a lot.  I felt that his work was worth sharing to the T.F.M. masses.

Marc wrote...  "The blank is one of Cortney's Blue Halo Retro Flex 3 Seven Six four weights in the Cappuccino colour which I wanted to build up long ago but missed kinda concept matching the brown colour.  Experimenting with inked cork grips and incoming Garrison style reel seat hardware from Lemke gave me the ignition. 

The 76-4 being a light and sensitive blank, I opted for a Ephemeroptera motive on the grip which the artwork was preserved with cork seal.  In my opinion, this gives the rod an overall kind of vintage feel with the Garrison seat, one wire bent hook keeper, darkened cork and dark red wraps with kimono silk.

I used a coffee banded perfect Europe agate stripping guide with blued NS frame matching Snake Brand Universal Guides in black nickel allover.

Although nothing fancy on the rod, all is concentrated on the grip as an eye catcher."

Check out the MB Custom Rods website and follow along on the latest shop news on Facebook and Instagram.

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Ryan S said...

That agate guide color with that blank