Saturday, February 8, 2020

BER FLY RODS - CTS Quartz 7'6" Three Weight Build

I'm sharing the latest build from Paolo Bernabei of Ber Fly Rods for two reasons...

First, this Italian craftsman does amazing work and in this case he built a CTS Quartz 7'6" three weight that is just sharp through and through.  The plexiglass fly rod tube gives it extra credit points too.

Secondly, he featured the Rep Your Water X T.F.M. #glassisnotdead Knit Hat in this first photograph and it's a good reminder that I'm down to just a dozen or so left in stock.  Get one while it's still cold out and keep your noggin "fashionably" warm.

Now back to the build with a few photographs...

Visit the Ber Fly Rods website to see more photographs of this build and many others.  Follow along with the latest shop news on Instagram.

Interested in a #glassisnotdead Knit Hat?  Visit the T.F.M. Store and send an email to order.

1 comment:

Troutnut84 said...

Beautiful rods! I'm not a builder but maybe one day I'll find a slightly used one for sale What I *really* want to know though, is where can I get one of those red "The Fiberglass Manifesto" stickers?!