Sunday, May 24, 2020

MB CUSTOM RODS - Haldin Ready 2 Wrap Fly Rod Kits

MB Custom Rods is on to you something with the addition of the Haldin Ready 2 Wrap Fly Rod Kits now offered on their website.  There are two different blanks to choose from and a long list of ways to fine tune the fly rod build to your liking.

Marc Beissler of MB Custom Rods and I traded notes this week and he sent along some great information to read below on these fly rod kits that when you run the currency conversion, won't break the bank.

Marc wrote...  "After putting the Haldin HDT S-Glass blanks on our website at the end of April, I received various requests from customers for recommendations on matching components, thread colors, hardware and instruction on how to build these fine glass sticks.

The Haldin HDT 37 and 57 S-Glass blanks are great tools for fishing small to medium sized creeks or streams. Their fast but sensitive taper allows to perform various casting styles in close to mid range. They are extremely light in hand and bend to the butt when you get hooked on.

So we decided to put a kit with optional but always matching quality components together, which will allow the builder to have a plug and play experience with building his new HDT glass fly rod. Knowing, that there are rod building kits out there which consist of a great blank, but when it comes to the other components this is where the quality lacks and often the end of fun begins.

The kit comes with industry leading guides from Snake Brand, Kimono silk thread from Superior Threads, A Grade aluminum reel seat hardware and assorted wood or cork inserts. The blanks come in brown canvas Haldin branded rod socks and are available in three colors and in two line weights.  
If you are already in the rod building game, I assume you wont need supplies like varnish, glue, mixture cups and brushes. But if not, we supply these basics along with the kit as an option.

The customer can choose between two different reel seat options (Garrison or Payne models) and there are also different colors for the hardware available to match the taste of the new owner.
Optional to the kit, there are matching Haldin rod tubes available.
I have built on these blanks for myself and enjoy fishing them very much, so the idea behind the kit is to bring glass rods back to the surface, where they belong. Therefore the pricing is moderate to address the people who intended to build a glass rod but the effort of collecting components from different shops and maybe a not matching setup frightened them in the past.

We are here to help, so customers can get in touch if they have questions regarding the kit or if someone wants special parts or components to personalize his future rod a bit more.

So, lets make glass great again!"

Interested in building your own fly rod?  This looks to be a great way to do it.

Visit the MB Custom Rods website for more information on the Haldin Ready 2 Wrap Fly Rod Kits and consider following along on Facebook and Instagram for the latest shop news.

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