Tuesday, May 19, 2020

THE HOWLER HUT - Quarantining with Oliver White

Oliver White has been one of the recognizable "faces" of Howler Brothers for years and this shortie film is an inside look at his life at home during this damn pandemic. That's quite a Guacho Shirt collection that he has there.

The folks at Howler Brothers are keeping things fun with a #GauchosInAction contest giveaway that was posted on their Instagram and it winds down tomorrow.  The winner will walk away with a yet to released Gaucho Shirt, a $300 gift certificate and a gift package from Frigate Reserve Rum.  Jump over to Instagram for the details and make sure you get your best play in.

Need some HEED THE CALL in your wardrobe?  Remember to use discount code "TFM2020" for 20% off your Howler Brothers order.  Code is good for one purchase per customer and works on most but not all items on the website.

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