Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Where Will Your Red Truck Take You? Yellow GLASS

The folks at Red Truck Fly Fishing Company have kicked off a new series storytelling, which will be told through videos, images and words, that will be centered around their Diesel Yellow Glass fly rods, which are available in a 7'6" four weight and a 7'10" five weight

The story starts with this introduction video and it'll be interesting to see the waters, and in who's hands, this Yellow Glass fly rod will be taken in this series.

Interested in a Yellow Glass of your own?  Check out the Red Truck Fly Fishing Company website but also know that I sell these fly rods in the T.F.M. Store.  Each purchase comes with some T.F.M. swag as a thank you and I appreciate the support.      

So, where will your Red Truck take you? 

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