Thursday, September 24, 2020


While everyone was high-fiving a few weeks ago with the latest Army Corps decision on the Pebble Mine permitting process thinking the whole thing was all but dead, Ronald Thiessen, the CEO of Northern Dynasty Minerals, and Tom Collier, CEO of Pebble Limited Partnership, were both boasting that this was nothing more than a hiccup to who they both thought was a potential investor.  

Instead, it was EIA investigators.

These tapes are damning, and Collier has already resigned (he's a bad penny that I bet pops back up someway somehow), but Pebble Mine, and what they intend to do for the next several hundred years, is anything but over.    

Start with this introduction video and then take the time to work your way through the twelve short videos of these conversations which are a sobering look behind the curtains at Northern Dynasty Minerals and Pebble Limited Partnership.

Let's be clear, Pebble Mine is far from done.  Get involved and stay involved. 

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