Monday, January 4, 2021

ECHO - Tim Rajeff on Smooth Accleration

Tim Rajeff of ECHO is back with the third in the series of casting instruction videos for fiberglass fly rods.  In this video he goes deeper into the importance of "smooth acceleration" in your casting stroke.

Visit the ECHO website for their glass offerings with the River Glass and Bad Ass Glass Quickshot series fly rods.  
Look for additional casting tip videos to roll out in the coming days on T.F.M. and elsewhere.


Trout_Stalker said...

Great reminder and example!

Roger Bird said...

Very cool. Great information. Thank you!

Joel said...

The flinging paint example had always been helpful for me. That and throwing darts.

Dave Smith said...

[As he effortlessly shoots 30 feet of line to illustrate the point.]