Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Hour Fix

Yesterday morning I was able to get a quick trout fix with a stop at the Davidson River for a couple hours on my way to Asheville.

The water was a bit low and ultra clear but I was still able to trick a few average sized rainbow trout on tiny RS-2's and WD-40's.

Hard to beat a couple hours on a North Carolina trout stream on a warm February morning. 


Robin said...

The best adventures are often unplanned.

Jr McClellan said...

Glad you had some fun on the Davidson. Sweet looking midge box you have too. Maybe someday we can wet a line on the Davidson together.

Fontinalis Rising said...

Glad you got off the keyboard and got out- cool pics by the way. You've got that down.


middlemac said...


Sorry I couldn't make the trip, but a clear, warm weekend in February means garden time at the homestead with the wifey...

Cameron Mortenson said...

Robin...true words.

Jr...for sure. We need to plan a day to link up.

FR...I was seriously glad to shake the "poser status". time...which might be next week!