Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Leland Ranch Fly Fishing Exposition

I've decided that T.F.M. needs a full fledged and heavily funded yearly travel budget for all the very interesting fly fishing festivals, gatherings, claves, and shows that I keep coming across online. (Anyone want to sponsor that?  HA...)

Word arrived in my email inbox this past weekend that the Leland Fly Fishing Ranch is hosting a two day fly fishing exposition on the weekend of April 16th and 17th and it has me wondering how much a round trip ticket to the west coast would be? 

The weekend is a celebration of the Leland Fly Fishing Ranch being open for over a year.  The Leland Fly Fishing Ranch is located in the middle of wine country in Sonoma, California on thirteen well planed acres of instruction center, fly shop, and casting lawns, and ponds.

Check out this video on the planning and construction of the Leland Fly Fishing Ranch

On Saturday night the Fly Fishing Film Tour will be stopping in for a limited attendance show with only 125 tickets available.

Call the Leland Fly Fishing Ranch at 707-939-6910 for tickets to the event or to the F3T show.

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