Tuesday, March 29, 2011

T.F.M. Caps Now For Sale

Over the past month Dane Fuller, of DF Frame & Logo, and I have been working on a set of T.F.M. caps to offer for sale on the website. 

The prototypes came in last week and I am really impressed with how they look.  The black thread embroidery is done with a three dimensional effect and really stand out on each of the cap fronts. 

The T.F.M. caps are available in the five color choices of Khaki, Rust Orange, Khaki Camo, Olive, and Dark Gray.  Each of the caps have a velcro tab closure on the back.

Like the other items of T.F.M. Apparel, I'll be taking monthly orders for caps and they will ship as soon as I receive them.

The price for a cap is $20 with $4 shipping for orders in the U.S.  I offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders shipped in the U.S. involving two or more items of T.F.M. apparel which are shipped together.  International shipping is available and the rates are usually quite reasonable. 

Please send an email if you are interested in a T.F.M. cap, shirt, or hoodie. 

Check the T.F.M. APPAREL page for more details. 

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