Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Asheville F3T Experience

(I wrote most of this post early this morning and actually fell asleep on the couch with the computer in my lap.  I figured I'd finish this before mapping out the T.F.M. posts for the week.) 

It is well after midnight and I am back to the cottage which is tucked behind Kevin and Anne McGuire's house in downtown Asheville.  We enjoyed a long night out at the Highland Brewing Company attending the independent showing of the Fly Fishing Film Tour which was sponsored by the Hunter Banks Fly Shop.

The Hunter Banks Fly Shop picked a great venue to host the Fly Fishing Film Tour since they had a long list of specialty micro brews on tap, barbecue being served in the back of the room, and a line up of fish films for all to enjoy.

Franklin Tate of Trout Unlimited and I arrived early and passed out information about Stream Explorers and Fishy Kid.  We also took names from all the children and parents in attendance for a chance to win one of five Stream Explorers memberships and an Orvis outfit.

The Highlands Brewing Company's expansive tasting room doubled as a theater and there was more than enough room for the hundred plus in attendance to find a place to sit back and enjoy the show.

Franklin and his daughter ended up leaving right before intermission but Maddy took a few moments to pick the very lucky winners of the Stream Explorers memberships and the Orvis fly rod outfit.  I shouted out the winners at the end of the intermission and am excited that a few more people might check on both the Stream Explorers and Fishy Kid websites..

Brad Bohen, a.k.a. Mr. Zero to Hero, was on scene and handed me one of his original "Sponge Bob" musky flies in trade for a T.F.M. t-shirt.  This fly will go into the "display collection" for sure.

It was really neat to spend some time with Brad, share a brew, and get an idea of his how his life rotates from season to season.  The craziness of the guiding this year hasn't started yet so Brad's plan for the week is to stick around the area until he touches a a "Dirty South" musky on the fly.    

T.F.M. reader Cody Jackson trades a twenty spot for a couple of Brad's gaudy but effective musky flies.

It was certainly neat to compare this Fly Fishing Film Tour stop with last weekend's shows in Charleston.  Certainly different venues, different crowds, and a different proximity to saltwater and coldwater swayed the crowd's favorite films at each show.

My night was made spending time speaking with a few people that I follow online such as Reba Brinkman of WNC Women on the Fly, several of the fellows from Project Healing Waters, Steven Seinbert of Southern Culture On The Fly, Christian Fichtel of The Tailing Loop, and others.  Needless to say it was a great night out.

Hunter Banks Fly Shop is fortunate to have the facilities of Highland Brewing Company's available to host the F3T show and I would expect that this event will attract more fly anglers looking for a film fix in the years to come.


NP36 said...

What better combination ... Fish Porn with Beer and BBQ! Very jealous!


Robin said...

Chillin' out with folks of a common reality. That's prety darned good stuffs!

middlemac said...

Awesome evening, Highland's tasting roomgets high marks for comfort and cold ones.

Thanks Cameron for the invite, it was a blast!