Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gear Review - Nanuk 905 Case

Over the past few months I've been using the Nanuk 905 case for our Nikon DSLR and have been really impressed.  The Nanuk Protective Cases are made from a hard resin and employ some neat features which keep our photo gear safe on the water and off. 

The two highlights I've found so far in the Nanuk over other hard cases is that every model can be ordered empty, with scored foam, or with padded dividers.  Also, the Powerclaw Latching System is a sure way of keeping the box closed when it needs to be and is also easy to open to access as well.    

The Nanuk 905 case with padded dividers is just right for fitting our Nikon D70s with lens attached and a second lens tucked into the free space.  This is my go to case for carrying photo gear in the kayak now.

For those interested I can place orders through Nanuk Protective Cases at 50% off MSRP.

For reference the Nanuk 905 with padded dividers is priced at $65 plus shipping costs from the full retail price of $130.  I can provide quotes on all Nanuk models in any configuration including accessories such as carry straps or locks.

Please send an email if interested in a quote or more information about Nanuk Protective Cases.  

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