Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Hour. One Bass.

Yesterday morning I took advantage of the one hour that I had which was wedged between getting the children ready for the day and mowing the lawn before going into work in the early afternoon.

It took just a few minutes to assemble a bit of warmwater gear, put the kayak in the back of the truck, and then head down to the family pond. 

This fly came out of the box of bass creations sent to me from innovative fly mastermind Brian Ebert of Relax The Cast.

This pattern in particular looks especially tasty in the water and that rubber tail flutters just like it should. 

It didn't take to long and I caught this decent bass off some underwater structure. 

I was able to finally flex the Cabela's C.G.R. 7/8 weight which is really perfect to use in the kayak.  It's short, accurate, and can still bust out a long cast when needed.

The Fly Vines Lanyard works great for a an impromptu kayak fly fishing session since it holds just what it needs to...a couple spools of tippet and nippers.

At nine o'clock it was time to head back to the house and saddled up on the mower.

One hour on the water is better than no hour at all.


GFP said...

Nice report! It's got me thinking (like I do every year) that I should get out before work. Problem for me, is if I don't get my son up at 6am for school, he probably wont get up on his own....darn teenagers! Plus, I start work at 6:30am so it's hard finding an hour of daylight that early.

Cameron Mortenson said...'s embarrassing how infrequently I fish the family pond. I'm trying to change that this summer.

Like you, I'm really needed in the weekday mornings at the house to get the children ready in time for school and child care. Weekends are largely slammed with other obligations. Where to find time to get out more?

Kev2380 said...

I hear that. Just had the baby boy and my wife had "the talk" with me about fishing time. It's sad, I'm addicted to fishing. I go through withdrawals if I don't do it once a week.