Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cheeky Fly Fishing - Mojo 425

Yesterday afternoon I received word from Ted Upton of Cheeky Fly Fishing that they have just released their first fly reel, the Mojo 425.

The Mojo 425 is the first out of a series of five fly reels which will range in sizes to target bluegill to shark.  

The Mojo 425 falls in the middle of the series pack and has a diameter of 4.25 inches, a weight of 7.1 ounces, and priced at $690.  (No doubt that the price is up there but it's also important to remember that these fly reels are being made in the U.S.A. which will always affect the MSRP.)

The Mojo 425 was designed and sized to match fly rods to use for steelhead, carp, redfish, and bonefish.

Ted had this to say about their fly reels and launch...   

"In short, we’re about three things: unparalleled fly reel performance, design/aesthetics that will knock your socks off, and superior customer service – direct from the manufacturer."

The blue and gold anodizing might be a little to much flash for my fiberglass sticks but these fly reels are lookers nonetheless.

Look for the other four Cheeky fly reels to be released later in 2011 and into 2012.

For more information check out the Cheeky Fly Fishing website.


Owl said...

Wow. I like it because it's funky and all that but,...I mean...USA made or this economy? But by golly it sure is a beautiful piece of working art. Good luck to them!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Owl...I wish Cheeky much luck with their business. This economy has created a dividing line for a lot of the custom and small shop fly rod and gear makers with customers determining if the prices are in check for the product.

Some have continued to take orders and been hardly affected by any slow down in the economy while for others it closed their doors.

That said there will always be a market for the unusual and different in fly fishing and anglers and collectors find the money to add these items to their gear stash.