Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seth's First Fish On Glass

Every few weeks I find an email in my inbox with a short story, and sometimes even a photograph, telling the story of their first experience with fiberglass and how they were inspired by reading T.F.M. to give glass a try. 

There have been few things as gratifying in writing this website for the past few years as receiving these emails.  

Recently Seth Harpster dropped a line about his first experience with a vintage Fenwick and Pfleuger outfit that he put together and sent along a photograph of the first fish that he caught as well...

"I was introduced to the The Fiberglass Manifesto by my brother and because of the website I had to go out and find a glass rod for myself.  I was given an old Fenwick 605 as a gift from a friend which I paired with a Pfleuger Medalist 1494.  It casts beautifully and is totally different from my graphite fly rods. Honestly, I would not have this new found love for glass had it not been for your website."

Posts like this make me smile since it's neat to bring another convert into the fold.


noahharpster said...

Way to go Seth! There will be plenty more of those from Fly Angler's Society!

middlemac said...

Just a beautiful fish.

Congrats from a friend who knows what it means to pick up your first trout on glass.

Well done!


Cameron Mortenson said...

Noah...thank you for showing him "The Way".

Kevin...I agree.