Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End Of Month Reminders

This is a quick reminder on a couple things that wrap up today on T.F.M.

Today is the final day to get your submissions in for the Blue Ribbon Nets Giveaway.  So far I've received over two dozen emails with some very neat stories, photographs, and even a couple videos.

It should take you just a minute to submit your experience so please do.  A Blue Ribbon Nets AquaFade Ultra Light Oval Net will be sent out later this week to a random winner.

Don't forget to place your vote for April's T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest Finalist.  Poll on the right hand side of the page.     

Also, I am wrapping up this month's T.F.M. Apparel order as well.  If you'd like a T.F.M. cap, t-shirt, or hoodie please let me know today by email.

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