Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soccer Field Carp

Paul Christensen of Huron River Fly Fishing decided to get his carp fix even though the river was raging at flood stage.  He set his sights on Fuller Park in Ann Arbor with his vintage Fenwick FF807 fiberglass fly rod and found hundreds of carp in the soccer fields.  

(Photograph - Angela Cesere)

Reporter Cindy Heflin and photographer Angela Cesere were at the park and submitted this report on AnnArbor.com.  This is a fun read along with a video and photograph slide show of Paul's soccer field experience.

If all goes right and the Huron River gets back in shape, I'll be spending a day looking for smallmouth and carp with Paul in July.     


Kev2380 said...

haha, that's awesome. The pic looks so out of the norm.

Sanders said...


Lane said...

Yeah I've been teased many many times while practicing in the yard or park. Always something along the lines of "Catching Anything" or "How are the grass carp biting?" This picture really makes me think about all the teasing I've gotten and I laugh!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Kevin...messes with your head, eh?


Lane...true that.