Monday, May 30, 2011

Off Work. Off Call.

I've spent all of this past weekend either at work or on call and when I woke this morning I was done with both. 

I had just a little over an hour to get out on the pond before other obligations were to fill my day and decided to take advantage of it.

I busted a few largemouth bass on the Idylwilde Flies El Raton pattern in black.  I had two fish take it in the first six casts so I'm figuring that this fly has definite appeal other than just looking cool.  

I processed all of these photographs through the iPhone application Instagram which is a neat way to tweak and share photographs though the app itself and it will also push your photographs to all the popular social media platforms as well as email.

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very nice! Cameron. I miss those large mouth!

The Jersey Angler said...

Off work, off call is a great feeling, though for me the best I can do is off work. How is the kayak working out? I am looking for a sit on top and the Diablo really peaked my intrest in Denver last fall. I like the fly too!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...those largemouth miss you too.

TJA...the Diablo is a great kayak. It could track better but there is a skeg in the works which should straighten it out.