Sunday, May 29, 2011

T.F.M. Spotting - Oatka Creek Project

A couple weekends ago photographer Grant Taylor, Dean Milliman, and writer Matt Smythe met up to continue working on their Oatka Creek project for the local Trout Unlimited Chapter.

Matt Smythe was wearing his T.F.M. t-shirt which Grant caught in several of the images of the day and submitted for the T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest.  

Grant wrote...  "On the morning of Saturday, May 14, I met up with good friends and fellow creatives, Dean Milliman and Matt Smythe (aka Fishingpoet,) for what would be our fourth outing in recent weeks on Oatka Creek in Western New York. The three of us are collaborating to create an advertising campaign for the Seth Green Chapter of Trout Unlimited. This local chapter is one of the oldest in the country, and is one of just a handful in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

Since our initial scouting day on April 2, we've been on The Oatka capturing still images and video for the campaign, all of it related to fly fishing for trout - one of our greatest common passions. Aside from the one morning I had been out shooting video on my own, all of the other days we've been on the water have been pretty consistent - that is, cold, dark, and rainy!"

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"We'd received plenty of hard rain the night before, and when we hit the creek on Saturday morning, the USGS Hydrologic Unit on Oatka Creek in Garbutt, New York was pumping out readings that hovered just over three feet. In Dean's experience, the creek starts to get unfishable when the waters are that high. As the day progressed, though, those levels would rise further, the water turned brown, and the fishing would become exceedingly unproductive. And yet, we kept at it!

Midday, we had decided to change locations a bit and try out nearby Spring Creek, whose gin-clear waters would not be affected by the rains and runoff as Oatka Creek had been. Dean was able to catch and release a gorgeous brown trout in Spring Creek, and we likely would stayed and caught more if we hadn't been craving cheeseburgers and cold beer as much as we had been.

In the afternoon, Dean made a phone call to a friend of his whose property, a few miles downstream, would allow us to access a stretch of The Oatka that is known for the larger brown trout we were all itchy to hook up with. While I photographed, Dean and Matt attacked the swollen section of creek with weighted buggers and nymphs. The guys had hoped for a decent spinner fall, one that they could have fished with dry flies, but the day's weather hadn't been favorable enough for that to happen. Judging by the forecast for the next ten days, we won't likely be back out on the creek terribly soon. We'll certainly look forward to the day when we are, though, and in the meantime, will be at the computer editing these hundreds of photographs and video segments. Our project for Trout Unlimited is off to a great start, despite the weather, and it's been really exciting to see what great ideas Dean and Matt have brought to the table with their design sense and writing style that will accompany the imagery."

To see more of work of Grant Taylor and Matt Symthe please visit their websites. 

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bfly said...

As a fellow fly angler who frequents these same locations, I too have been thwarted a time or two in my attempt to find a rising fish. I hope you guys can find what you are looking for in the near future, that is as soon as it stops raining for more that a few days. I will be patiently waiting the final product!!