Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hawaiian Tucunare On Pygmy Glass

T.F.M. reader Craig Sako sent in this report from Hawaii on he and a friend's fiberglass experience.

Craig Sako wrote...  "Aloha Cameron! Well, after reading your blog post about Stephen Vance and the Scandalous Sticks 5'6" four weight Pygmy Glass fiberglass fly rod, I shot him an e-mail and placed an order. I got the rod in early January, but it just sat around due to work, weather, good surf, and all sorts of distractions.

Sunday afternoon Clay Yee of Nervous Waters Fly Fishers Honolulu called and said let's hit the Lake Wilson. We live on O'ahu and the lake is about a twenty minute drive from our homes. Clay said the Red Devils(a cichlid) should be getting ready to mate which means bring a three or four weight fly rod for some fun action."

"I've never cast a fiberglass fly rod, so Clay told me to slow down my casting stroke. It was easy to get familiar with the rod's action and lay out 25-30 foot casts. I had just hooked my first Red Devil on the rod when Clay asked to try it. So I swapped my rod for his rod. Clay was casting to a pair of Red Devils when out of nowhere this Tucunare (Peacock Bass) comes out and smashes his fly and immediately makes a run for a fallen tree. Clay muscled the Tucunare out of the tree after a five minute fight."

"I think with a fiberglass fly rod you can put a lot more pressure on it to get the fish clear of trouble when compared to a graphite rod. Graphite isn't as forgiving (to protect the leader) as fiberglass is.

The rod is a blast to fish for small game!"

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