Monday, June 20, 2011

The Leiderman Rods Build Begins

Simply put...I am addicted to custom built fiberglass fly rod builds.  In the end I figure there are much worse vices to spend extra cash on and I am slowly amassing a rod basket filled with some very excellent example's of these rod artists work.

For the past few years have wanted to add a Leiderman Rods build to my collection.  We've gone back and forth on a build project but when Kabuto Rods began offering unpainted white glass blanks I knew that it was the build I'd like him to do.     

The blank is a Kabuto Rods 7'6" four weight in three pieces and will fit nicely in between the two yellow Kabuto Rods demos (8053/7033) that I have.

Look for a follow up post in a couple days which will make more sense what that stack of pennies are all about.

Matt Leiderman is building very limited numbers of fly rods this year so if you are interested in a build it's smart to contact him sooner than later.  


Mike said...

Really? You're addicted to custom built fly rods? I'd have never guessed. It certainly explains a lot about what I've been reading here, though. :-)

GFP said...

is the stack of pennies the cost for this rod? if so, I'm digging in the couch cushions when I get home and will get one of these sweet rods too!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mike...HA... Maybe I was just stating the obvious, eh? will cost more than pennies. Dig through the couch cushions anyway. Who knows what you'll find.