Monday, June 27, 2011

S.F.R.C. Glass 25% OFF Discount

The South Fork Rod Company is offering 25% OFF and free shipping on the first ten orders that are placed for their Fiberglass Series between now and July 10th.

The Fiberglass Series fly rods are just a little quicker than their Classic Series and have a wonderful medium progressive feel to them.  Margot Redington rolls these blanks in Florida and then they are finished by David Redington to each customer's request. 

I am especially fond of the seven foot 2/3 weight, 3/4 weight, and 4/5 weight which are all offered in seven foot in length.  The eight foot five weight is also worthy of a look as well.

If you have been contemplating ordering one of the Fiberglass Series fly rods then now would be a great time to pull the trigger since a completed two piece build should cost just over $200 and a three piece build should cost you less than $250. 

To place an order or to have any of your questions answered, South Fork Rod Company can be reached through their Contact Us page.

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