Monday, June 27, 2011

The Skagit Master 2 Review

I have had a copy of Skagit Master 2 for a couple months and have watched it close to a dozen times now.   This DVD is a great follow up to Skagit Master which featured Ed Ward.  Skagit Master 2 takes the techniques learned on the first DVD and fine tunes them further with steelhead guide and two hander guru Scott Howell as the instructor.

South Carolina is certainly not a steelhead state so you might think watching this would be a waste of time. The truth is however that this DVD has a lot of the information regarding casting techniques, reading water types, the use of drop weights which are all applicable for pursuing other fish besides steelhead with a two hander rod.

Scott Howell has a great voice for instruction and is easy to understand throughout Skagit Master 2's short segments on the water, at the vise, and even on the couch talking techniques.

I most enjoyed the sections of Skagit Master 2 which centered how to fish and how to tie the Ska-opper.  Taking a surface eating steelhead on a top water fly must be a thrill. 

I am still working on putting a striped bass on the Scott Fiberhammer and this video made a lot of sense to me on methods to present flies so that the fish will get a better look for longer portions of the swing across the river.

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