Friday, July 29, 2011

Hardy's New School Clicker

Hardy, who has been long known for classic click and pawl fly reels, is about to release new series of fly reels called the Ultralite which will fall into their growing Performance Reels category. 

From the Hardy North America press release...

The Ultralite CC range of reels is a significant advance on the popular Marksman reel series.

Perfectly sized and designed for light line applications the range covers lines from the ultra light 1# and 2# weights through to the standard size 5# river line, ensuring there is an offering for every light line enthusiast.

- Lightweight to balance modern rods
- Reel back up screwed through frame for maximum security
- Unique adjustable and wide ranging click check mechanism
- 6061 bar stock Aluminium construction
- Tool less conversion from left to right hand wind
- Ultra large arbour / narrow width spool design
- Quick release spools

There are four models in the Ultralite CC series priced from $169.00 to $199.00.

Hardy is also debuting a disk drag version of this fly reel called the Ultralite DD with seven models in the series priced from $199.00 to $349.00.

The Hardy Ultralite fly reels should be available for order beginning August 1st.

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