Friday, July 29, 2011


John Arnold of Headhunters Fly Shop and I have been trading emails back and forth about a 1970's Winston Stalker that he's had around the shop for some time.  He's been thinking about selling it but after this video he might have changed his mind.

On a trip this week to Shoco Ranch with his wife Julie, John put the Stalker in her hands for the evening hatch while he worked the video camera to make a short story out of their time on the water together. 

Stalker from scumliner media on Vimeo.

A beautiful video that really shows off the capabilities of this 7 1/2 foot 2/3 weight fiberglass fly rod.  It's no doubt that Tom Morgan knew what he was doing when he designed this series.

John posted this video on the Headhunters Blog today as well with bit more information and links to check out.

A few weeks ago he did a little bit of digging around online to figure out the history of the Winston Stalker and it's a Headhunters Blog post worth checking out as well.

To watch more videos done by John Arnold, a.k.a. scumliner media, check out his Vimeo channel.

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