Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Idylwilde's Five O'Clock Shadow

In Saturday's mail came a little box of "awesomeness" from Idylwilde Flies with a dozen Five O'Clock Shadow mice flies.

The Five O'Clock Shadow is yet another brainchild of Kevin Price, Signature Tier for Idylwilde Flies.

Check out the T.F.M. interview with Kevin Price if you haven't.

I am seriously wishing that these would have gone back in stock prior to the trip to Michigan since it would have been neat to fish them on the night float but I've sent Jason Tucker and Phil Croff a couple Five O'Clock Shadow's and El Raton's to see if they can feed them to a few big brown trout before the mousing season is over.

Check out the ever growing list of Idylwilde Flies offered on the Blue River Fly Company website, including the Five O'Clock Shadow and El Raton, and remember to use the code "TFM" during check out for 20% OFF your order.


Fontinalis Rising said...

I indeed have plans for those flies Cameron, can't wait to get them. Thanks, and I'll do the big report, hopefully with another big fish.

Rob said...

They are sold out!

Cameron Mortenson said...

FR...I look forward to the photos...and maybe video too.

Rob...who's sold out? Blue River Fly Company? Already?