Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vedavoo Spinner Daypack Winner!

Last night the random number generator spoke yet again and the winner of the Vedavoo Spinner Daypack is Frank Bisono of with his recollection of a winter day spent on the Yakima to close out 2010.

Congrats Frank.  I hope you put the Spinner Daypack to good use.

Thanks to Vedavoo for sponsoring July's contest and to all that participated.  I enjoyed going through each submission one by one.  There were certainly some very interesting entries sent in.


deanwo said...

Thanks for running the contest, Cameron and congratulations, Frank.

Thanks also to Vedavoo for offering the cool swag. I still want an intro to these guys if they are in the Boston area. I would love to stop by and say "hi".

Can you post a list of the entries? Frank's was excellent.

Cameron Mortenson said...

deanwo...let me work on posting links for some of the entries that came from blogs. Others submitted photos or stories. Some of the stories were quite long.