Friday, August 5, 2011

The Schliske's Sneak In A Glass Build

Last summer while the Fiberglass Flyrodders CO Clave, I won a five foot Steffen Brothers 1/2 weight blank during our Saturday night raffle.  The blank has a real nice feel to it and I figured it would be good for small water trout and pond bluegill as well. 

When I got home from Colorado I sent the blank off to Schliske Bamboo Fly Rods for the build since I don't have the coin for one of his stellar bamboo fly rods and Matt's wife, Marguerite Meyer, talked a lot of trash over drinks in Denver about her supreme wrapping skills when we met up at I.F.T.D. 

Matt emailed over the weekend to let me know how the build was coming along and that he had just finished the cork grip.

Matt...nice work.  Looks like comfortable cork.

Marguerite...I've seen a lot of your most excellent work on the Schliske Bamboo Fly Rods website and look forward to seeing what you've come up with on this little fiberglass build.

Hopefully there will be a few more photographs to post as this build comes together.

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