Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cheeky Launches Ambush 375

Cheeky Fly Fishing announced last week that they have released the second reel in their five reel series with the Ambush 375.  This reel is designed for large trout, bass, and small salmon use.

The Ambush 375 measures out with a 3.75 inch diameter and tips the scale at five ounces.  The Ambush 375 is priced at $640.00. 

The fellows of Cheeky Fly Fishing are on the short list of meetings that I am looking forward to at I.F.T.D. later this month. 

Hopefully more news to follow in the months to come as Cheeky Fly Fishing introduces the rest of the fly reel series.    

1 comment:

gfen said...

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