Thursday, August 4, 2011

S.F.R.C. Fiberglass Series Lodge Rods

Back in the day, and I'm sure even still today, when folks would arrive at their fishing destination, be it for a week, a month, a season, they would splice the sections of their fly rods together to essentially make a one piece fly rod for the duration of the trip.

Taping the ferrules keeps the sections from coming apart and risk breaking the fly rod and it was just easier as well if you never had to break your fly rod down for weeks at a time.

The South Fork Rod Company recently introduced several one piece E-glass models to their S.F.R.C. Fiberglass Series and has called these the "Lodge Rods". 

These one piece fly rods consist of three models in lengths 6', 6'6", and 7' and though the S.F.R.C. website lists all three fly rods as four weights I believe there is room to move up and down at least one line weight to fine tune these fly rods to your liking.

As with all South Fork Rod Company builds customers are getting a lot for the money.  David and Margot do a wonderful job rolling these blanks and the components used and finish work is more than would be expected for the cost of these fly rods.

Over the past couple weeks I've spent some time in the yard with the 6' and 7' models and like them quite a bit.  Of the two the 7' model was most pleasing to me and would be perfect to leave strung up as a pond rod with a small popper dangling in the striping guide.  I liked the 7' model best with a 5DT.

The 6' model has a very strong butt section and a softer tip and after talking to David this week I think this taper will get tweaked a little more since it felt a little disproportionate from tip to grip.  

David said one of the reasons they developed this series was for the local Florida fly anglers that fish ponds for juvenile tarpon and snook.  The built up butt sections of these fly rods are perfect for controlling these hard charging fish.

The South Fork Rod Company is again thinking outside the box and though a one piece fly rod might not be for everyone, some will find this addition to the Fiberglass Series quite a neat offering.

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