Friday, August 19, 2011

Versa Board + Conduit = Awesome

When Mrs. Manifesto got her LiquidLogic Versa Board last summer I quickly realized that this was going to be more play boat than fly fishing kayak and the idea of drilling holes to add accessories was strictly out of the question.

I have been scheming a way to secure my William Joseph MAG Series Conduit Gear Bag to the back of the Versa Board to keep it in place in case I were to take a dip while paddling.

The solution came from a quick stop at The Backpacker for several double ended carbiners a long strand of bungee cord.

The sections of bungee cord looped and knotted in one end slid easily through the four anchor points, attached the carbiner, and then stretched just enough to clip the other end of the carbiner to corners of the Conduit Gear Bag.

The system is secure and best of all can be taken on and off in matter of seconds. 

The Conduit Gear Bag is really an excellent on the water bag for boat, drifter, canoe, and kayak.  There is one zipper on this entire bag and the rest of the closures are all magnetic which makes getting items out or putting items back in the bag complete ease.

The Conduit Gear Bag holds more than enough gear for a day on the water and with a rubberized bottom section it will keep your items dry even in a couple inches of water.

Project done and since putting this together I've found that the William Joseph Tsunami waterproof gear bag also works on the back of the Versa Board strapped down to the deck as well.

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Bob said...

If you don't want to pay shipping or are in a hurry, you can get those same carabiners at Wally World in the Hardware Dept.

I bought a few of the small ones for my fly lumbar pack.