Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fly Fish SC's Fiberglass Build

Mark Allen of Fly Fish SC recently finished his first fiberglass fly rod build using a South Fork Rod Company seven foot 2/3 weight Fiberglass Series blank.

Not only was this Mark's first fiberglass build but also his first experience with fiberglass as well.

This build might be just perfect for the small pocket water streams that Mark typically spends his time on in the southeast.

Here is a breakdown of Mark's build start to finish.  

Blank - S.F.R.C. Fiberglass Series 7' 2/3 Weight
Grip – Cork reversed half wells AAAA grade
Reel Seat – Struble D-2 Polished Aluminum/Myrtle Wood
Winding Check – Struble Nickle Silver
Guides – PacBay TiChrome
Tip – TiChrome
Thread – ProWrap Smoke Screen
RodSkinz – Brown Trout Fade To Black 

Mark...nice work and I look forward to hearing about your first trip with the new stick.

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Cofisher said...

Nice looking piece of equipment. Now I need a 3 wt?