Friday, September 16, 2011

Graywolf Rods Six Piece Yellow Glass

Over the past several months Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods has been working to expand his Yellow Glass Series blank offerings which now include eight foot six piece fly rods in five or six weight.

The Yellow Glass Series are rolled by Mike McFarland and all blanks offered are exclusive to Graywolf Rods.

In my mind this six piece offering may be the ultimate travel trout fly rod since with a tube that measures just nineteen inches it would easily stow in a carry-on or checked luggage for airline travel.

An eight foot five weight bridges the gap of a fly rod that will be comfortable to use on most water a traveling angler may encounter.

Shane completed the first six piece Yellow Glass Series build this week and it is offered for sale on his website.

Please check the Graywolf Rods Blog for more photos and information.  An album has also been uploaded on the Graywolf Rods Facebook page as well.

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