Thursday, September 15, 2011

Leiderman Rods Tom Morgan Build

There continues to be a lot of anticipation for the Tom Morgan Fiberglass Series blanks to arrive in the hands of those that have placed orders and then for others it's of interest to see how these blanks are being finished out by the various rod builders.

Matt Leiderman of Leiderman Rods is one of several builders who have been scheming their build plan for these blanks since there was first discussion of them several years ago.  This eight foot five weight is the first to leave his shop and arrived in the hands of a pleased customer this past week.

Matt wrote...  "I finally had a chance to finish out a new Tom Morgan blank.  Asthetically speaking, the blanks are quite lovely and really shine in the sunlight.  They have a nice reddish brown color and have much more visual depth than the Winston's I've handled (especially my S.F./Montana 805).

This was built for a Fiberglass Flyrodders forum member and friend.  A promise made years ago that if and when Tom got blanks rolling out the door that I'd gladly finish one out for him.

The reel seat is stabilized redwood burl (I went through four or five woods until I finally found one I liked) and the fly rod in general has a bit more flair than I usually do but still pretty subtle."

Quite a sharp build and it's neat to see the weave of the fiberglass lit up in the sunlight.

Visit the Tom Morgan website for more information on the Fiberglass Series.

Matt can be contacted through the Leiderman Rods website to answer questions or to discuss a possible build.

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d. nash said...

wow. burl and everything. that is a piece of artwork as much as it is a rod.