Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Abe's Thomas & Thomas Kaneglass

The Fiberglass Flyrodders forum is always a great resource for researching, asking questions, and of course showing off a particularly exceptional fiberglass fly rod find. 

Abe Lee recently came into possession of a vintage and rare Thomas & Thomas Kaneglass and shared it with the F.F.R. forum and I felt this 7'6" five weight would be wonderful to share on T.F.M. as well.

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Abe wrote... "I'm very grateful to a Fiberglass Flyrodders forum member for allowing me to have a special rod: a Thomas & Thomas Kaneglass 7'6" five weight from the early 1970s. There aren't too many of them around so I thought that I would post some photos.

I acquired this from the original owner who took very good care of it over the past forty years. The original aluminum tube has a beadchain screwtop lid like some of my Orvis Golden Eagles. The original bag is a red heavy cotton bag. Like Orvis, T&T used a three compartment bag that was borrowed from their bamboo department.

The blank color is "burnt orange with magenta" wraps (according to my wife), which sounds a lot classier than my initial choice of "orange-red with purple." T&T sure does like bright colors for their glass rods, whether it's 1971 or 2011. Although the bright colors may not be everyone's cup of tea, I think both rods are just beautiful."

An incrediable find and I appreciate Abe for allowing me to use his photographs and thoughts for this post.


Cofisher said...

Nice rod...good for you Abe.

Bill said...


Cameron Mortenson said...

Howard...I know. I'm jealous. You know I have a thing for five weights. thoughts exactly.